The Dreams I Dream Are Not My Reality. Are Yours?

Many of you as well as my family have emailed me and asked, “James why do not talk more about your life?”

I am told that I have have overcome and been through so much that I can encourage and help others who struggle in their own lives.

The truth is I am ashamed of my past, no one really knows me and I have nothing to offer. I still have a few secrets. Right? No. I am an open book if you care to read beyond my own long, verbose, grandiose introduction.

The only person I fool is myself and I do this with improper expectations and some days and some points in life are worse than others.

Just like in business and in sales if you do not set the proper expectations you will have a very depressed or angry client and unproductive employee.

This video inspired this rant and came from my thoughtful wife as we chat throughout our work day.

I am a very blessed man though who right now has a wonderful & beautiful wife (my real friend), a beautiful daughter who adores me and is so smart, my sister Kim who really gets me; just like my wife and friends do in their own way.

I have friends who have known me my entire life and also share the same values if not similar ones. I have many great friends I am not mentioning. I also have friends like Devin who has so much love that allows our differences to become a challenge to really approach something in a different way entirely.

Who do you know who has all of this and is still not just happy?

For me, nothing is ever enough.

I am an addict.

I want it all.

I am not broke. I am not in a political or religious prison because I was born into a country that denies free speech and I can go on-and-on as many of you know and I am still miserable at times.

I have no logical reason to be miserable, but I am.

I am not happy or excited by the things that excite others at all.

I have problems and issues and instead of calling a person who has said please call me and talk with me, I still find a way to pretend to be a man and lie my way back into my own sweet utopia of misery.

It is time for a reality check everyone. We need to leave our expectations at the false place they start; which is always in our beleifs about ourselves and what we think we deserve.

I am NOT in charge. I am not God. I am just a man who is trying to get by and I say this in hope that we all can do more than just get by and learn to love who we are and grow. The sooner we take care of the problems within us, the sooner we can take on the problems within our society.

It seems impossible, but by grace we do recover.

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