Sugar, Tobacco, Alcohol, Oh My!– By Jackie O.

This article was so funny and well written I wanted to share it with you today, even though it is not breaking news. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the wit and wisdom of a women who understands how to take care of herself in a political boxing match!!!

By Jackie O.

In recent news, Mayor Bloomberg announced his fight against soda. He proposed new legislation that would forbid the sale of fountain drinks above 16 ounces. While that is a problem in itself, there are now arguments stating personal responsibility should rule over such things, not government. As a conservative, I would generally agree. But then I listened further to a local Radio Host, and he stated let’s take it to the next level, let’s let personal responsibility rule over tobacco, sugar consumption, fats, alcohol, and illegal drugs–as if they all fall under the same category.

These are fallacious comparisons. Maybe it’s the philosopher in me that can’t let certain things go, but informal fallacies in the public square annoy me. The best way to show that these comparsions are not close to the same category is to examine what each type of person does when they are “jonesing” for a fix.

First, sugar. A sugar addict, at most, will dig for change in their couch for a candy bar. There has never been a news story about a person doing something crazy for a candy bar, with the exception of Klondike Bars–then, what wouldn’t you do for one?

A smoker at his worst, might ask another smoker for a cigarette, or as gross as it is, fish a cigarette butt out of community ashtray. And as for the health risk to others due to second-hand smoke? Where are the hospital rooms full of afflicted children, aunts, and grandmothers that are only there for second-hand smoke?

A true alcoholic may lower themselves to beg for change to buy a 40oz.

If we legalize everything under the heading of personal responsibility we are fooling ourselves. A drug addict and a true alcoholic have relatively no sense of personal responsibility. There are countless news stories of those types of persons committing horrible acts against themselves, strangers, and sadly their own loved ones.

Sugar, oh soda–my sweet syrupy drink, what have you turned us into? What horrible thing do you make us do to ourselves and others that makes Mayor Bloomberg want to limit you? You make us not fat, but obese.

I saw this phrase once on a coffee mug: Never get too attached to any one food; you never know when science will decide what will kill you.

Published at Western Free Press on June 6 2012 on “The Hot Spot”

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