Social Issues And The Usual Political Stupidity

social issues

Please read this post as if your internal voice was at a whisper because social issues are so annoying. Right? Who cares about “the truth,” let’s win some elections! 

All Political Issues Are Social Issues.

I know the idea of “social issues” are so divisive that it is best to just pretend that they do not exist. We believe that moral issues are just too tricky to exist in politics that it is just easier to just close our eyes and dream of Willy Wonka. We define social issues and moral issues as best handled behind closed doors because what is right for you, may not be right for me. Right? Gravity is true and when ignored can be fatal. The same is true when human dignity, liberty, fair trade, economic principles, family and human life are ignored as the Nevada GOP has shown us, by simply removing items from a platform that are hard to communicate.

All political issues are social issues because politics affect every area of our lives and social issues are political issues because they are all based on one idea of justice and equality over and against another. If we continue to pretend that the connection between social issues and politics do not exist, America as we know it will cease to exist.

Are Social Issues Also Tied To Economics & Equal What Ever

As a society, political decisions directly impact our everyday lives from the value of the dollar — that represents our work and the value we attach to it — to the value we attach to family, marriage and unborn life. The houses we buy, the roads we take to work, the coffee we buy every morning are all directly impacted by politics and therefore are social issues. The failure in getting people to understand this reality is tied to our narrow understanding of how we define social issues.

Government Believes That X Is Good For Business?

  • ObamaCare
  • Affordable Housing
  • Federal Regulations On Equal Pay
  • Environmental Regulations On Fictitious Climates
  • Defining When Life Begins
  • Defining How Many Guns Are Too Many To Own

Do any of these ideas affect you personally, your family, your values, your church, your community and all of us as a society? I think so, but some people believe that social issues are only about gay marriage and abortion.  Abortion, gay marriage or marriage in general — actually meaning something — education, health care, our economy, the housing market are all social issues. Social issues are a representation of traditional values that formed our nation, but these high-in-the-sky ideas are also the practical truths of our economy. Do you disagree? Well, if you do please explain why.

Do you believe in strong national borders? Do our borders represent more than a geographic line in the sand? Do you believe in personal freedom and responsibility? Do political decisions either uphold liberty or take it away? Is your liberty a social issue or just a personal one? Politics affect every area of our lives and every area it affects is an issue that touches our society and culture, hence being a social issue.

I sincerely hope that we do not vote to limit these social issues from our party platform. Which of course begs the question: who are all of these old men, with such new (radical) ideas?


  1. Kelley Cairl says

    There you have it James – these are the people you attract. People who believe that liberals are “adamant about destroying my country”. “My” – as if the country somehow belongs only to conservatives. You may want to look at the kinds of people who are your fans, James, and then wonder why you are doing to attract such vitriol.

  2. Gordon says

    Strongly agree James. Further, I struggle with the concept of saying “Some of my best friends are Liberals.” Really?

    No! They are not my best friends. I just know some. Agreeing that blue berry pancakes are fun does not make such people my friends. How can I be expected to be best friends with someone who is adamant about destroying my country?

    ‘Nuf sed. For now.

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