Obama’s Birth Certificate is Now OK by AZ Official

Earlier this week, I wrote about an interview I heard on The Mike Broomhead Show with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett discussing a request he made for an official in Hawaii to respond that they indeed had President Obama’s birth certificate. Not a photo copy or a copy mailed to his office, but rather, just one goverment offical to another, saying yes, we have the document.

This issue has been blown way out of proportion and could lead to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett to resign for simply looking into the issue.

Why would Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett look into such a divisive issue, when this election has to be won on policy and true philosophical differences between the extreme left and normal America.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett states in an interview with popular radio host Mike Broomhead that he is not a “Birther” (at aprox. 1:15) and did not bring this issue up to shine the limelight on this dividing matter that many believe has hurt the Republican Party.

Sec. of State Bennett was looking into this issue due to the public outcry that Sheriff Joe Arpaio received from investigating the matter with his independent “Cold Case Posse.” Cached version here.

I thought this was a joke at first and to give a little balance to our Sheriff, here is a link to a purely organic facebook page that is trying to send Sheriff Joe Arpaio to a late retirement. Yes, there are terrible comments on this open forum, but there is also great information for supporters of the sitting Sheriff and those who wish to ensure his prolonged trip out of Tent City.

From CBS5.com 

“The lone deputy that I sent there is going to be reimbursed by the posse,” said Arpaio. He said the two posse members who made the trip are paying for it out of the posse’s funds, which come strictly from donations.

The lone deputy that I sent there is going to be reimbursed by the posse,” said Arpaio. He said the two posse members who made the trip are paying for it out of the posse’s funds, which come strictly from donations.

“We are developing a criminal investigation on possible fraud and forgery of a birth certificate,” said Arpaio. “I said from the beginning we are not dropping this. We are going to take it to the bitter end, one way or the other, we would like to prove whether that is a fraudulent document.” Many people question Arpaio’s motives for not letting the issue go, while nearly every other entity has, including the Republican Party.

CBS 5 News learned that the sheriff’s posse has spent about $40,000 in posse donations since its investigation into Obama’s birth began in August 2011.

The Cold Case Posse is its own nonprofit organization entitled to tax-exempt status. Valley attorney, Ellis Carter, who specializes in nonprofit law, said there’s a fine line for nonprofits when it comes to being involved in partisan politics.

Any amount of activity that would be in opposition to or support of a candidate risks your tax-exempt status,” said Carter. She said she believes it’s possible the IRS would have the ability to look into the matter as it relates to the posse because this close to an election, Arpaio’s investigation has a political flavor that she deems could be inappropriate.

Arpaio denies his actions are politically motivated. “I don’t care whether he’s on the ballot or not. It has no bearing on our investigation of fraudulent documents,” said Arpaio.

But skeptics maintained their stance and eventually Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett announced he would seek further verification, even saying he was prepared to leave Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in November.

Bennett said Wednesday that Hawaii has officially confirmed the information on a copy of Obama’s birth certificate as accurate.”This issue is deeper than many people thought and this time the Arizona Sheriff has gone too far in my opinion and will have a run for his money in this election as communities and his P.R. antics are seen for what they really are.

So is it the Ken Bennett  bandwagon we should worry about (I don’t think so) in this election cycle or our fine Sheriffs “Cold Case Posse,” to see who can embarrass the Republican Party more?

Many good intentioned tea party conservatives believe this issue is a constitutional matter worth fighting for. But with the election cycle nearing, is this really the way for conservatives to win the election? For the sake of our country’s future (following Reagan’s 11th commandment) can we please agree to disagree?

I am a Conservative-Republican. I want Obama out of office just as much as you. Please consider the information presented in this article (whether or not I believe the birth certificate issue to be legitimate). My focus is on America’s future; the difference of policy, philosophy and vision between the candidates, to me, are the core issues.


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