Hey Chick-Fil-A Boycotters! What About OPEC Putting Homosexuals To Death?

I believe it is safe to say that we are in the midst a culture war between those who believe marriage is an evolving concept guided by popular opinion and those who believe marriage is a fixed institution between one man and one women, grounded by historical tradition and/or Divine command.

Currently, those who see the meaning of marriage as dynamic rather than static, believe the move toward gay marriage is a matter of civil rights, much like the fight against slavery and racism and the fight for the right of women to vote.

Today, August 01, 2012, happens to be Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. I do not believe that it is a day in celebration of bigotry or homo-phobia, but is in my opinion a day to affirm our God-given and Constitutionally recognized 1st Amendment right to the free exercise of religion and expression. Dan Cathy, the President of Chick-fil-A, made a statement while being interviewed on a Christian talk show where he stated his belief in and support for the historical and traditionally Christian view of marriage and the family. He did so as a private citizen and successful business owner; but not at the time as a representative of Chick-Fil-A.

I believe that civil unions are the right alternative to redefining marriage because gay couples in particular as well as the gay community at large should have equal protection under the law because they are equally human. However, I also believe that there are by nature to distinct genders within humanity and because all human beings naturally come from the union of one man and one woman, therfore monogamous heterosexual marriage is grounded in the very origin of our existence as human beings.

Since marriage is therefore naturally between one man and one woman, I do not believe that gay-marriage is any more meaningful than a square-circle – you simply cannot change the reality of our nature, though you can strive against it… I also do not believe that homosexuality should be illegal, as I believe there is a difference between acting against our nature and crime. It is also no more the case that I must automatically hate and fear gay people because I don’t support gay marriage than it is the case that anyone who supports gay marriage must automatically hate and fear me because I support traditional marriage.

I am in support of bringing equal protection under the law for the gay community and since I have great concern for this cause; why not focus on where gay persons are being persecuted in a much more direct and inhuman way. If you want to boycott someone why not boycott OPEC that is almost entirely controlled by countries under Islamic sharia law, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia just to name a few, where, as Mamoud Amadenijad says “we don’t have homosexuals like in your country” because they either stone them to death or have them arrested and executed in some other fashion. If gay marriage supporters are serious in their indignation at human rights violations against the gay community, why not boycott oil from these countries and allow America to become energy independent, where not only gasoline for cars can be produced but hundreds of other items that are made from oil as well as thousands of new American jobs?

The company Chick-Fil-A, by any account has allowed gay persons to be hired. They treat their employees as equally human and pay very well in salary and benefits, with no apparent bias toward sexual preference, but the President, Dan Cathy believes in the Christian view of marriage and said so in an interview. He doesn’t advertise it in his restaurants or make it some sort of un-spoken hiring requirement, yet he is being attacked for his thoughts and not for any actions within his business.

Is it really a good thing to attempt to use the force of government, as politicians in Chicago and Boston would like to do, to prosecute “thought crimes”? If persons believe, as many truly do, that this is a terribly unjust belief, then simply don’t patronize his business. The free exercise of religion and the freedom to expresses one’s beliefs are foundational to the very existence of this country. If someone prefers less liberty and more authoritarian control over what can be thought and expressed, there are plenty of other countries one can move to.

The President of Chick-Fill-A, Dan Cathy has every right to express his opinion on anything he wants as a private citizen whether it hurts his company or not, which is the beauty of free enterprise. When asked what he believed regarding family and marriage, he had the integrity and strength of character to be honest. Yet how many of you out there who believe Dan Cathy is a worthy of demonization and ridicule, actually believe President Barak Obama was being honest when, until 6 months ago, he held the same view as Chik-fil-A’s CEO regarding marriage?

Does anyone out there believe that Mr. Obama’s views on marriage actually changed from 4 years or even just 6 months ago? Does anyone out there actually believe that Mr. Obama’s “new” support for gay marriage is anything more than a disgustingly naked attempt to buy votes and curry political favor? Yet, the outcry in Chicago and Massachusetts and San Francisco and other centers of gay rights was rather muted. There appears to me to be a particularly pathetic lack of consistency…

So, by all means, let’s stand up for human rights, such as life, liberty, and the freedom to do as you please in your bedroom, gay or otherwise, regardless of political persuasion, where people are actually being robbed of these. If not, all the anger and indignation is empty, self-serving, and vain.

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Not a word about today’s activities has been whispered on Chick-fil-A’s feed even though CFA has been trending on Twitter off and on all day. As noted in the earlier post, the suspicion is that the company’s lying low about what’s happening in order to extricate itself from the front line of the culture war, but I wonder if today’s outpouring will draw some sort of recognition tomorrow. If Dan Cathy’s willing to tout the numbers to Rick Warren, presumably an official acknowledgment and thank you is on the way.

There’s no shortage of local news stories out there about huge lines at the neighborhood CFA; if you’re curious, these two, from Iowa and Kentucky, are fairly representative. Meanwhile, I assume some sort of “Unappreciation Day” is in the works on the left, if only to respond to such an impressive show of strength, but I don’t know. Could be that, between this and the thuggish idiocy of Rahm and Mumbles Menino, they’re ready to cut their losses. Exit question: How big a political victory is this for Huckabee? Per this Fox News clip (via Mediaite), even he sounds surprised.


  1. Caleb says

    To start, it feels good to read your statement, that gay people “are equally human.” I’ve never heard the concept put so well, honestly. It restores a certain hope in humanity.

    But now to what I really wanted to comment on. While I appreciate your sentiments, I have two concepts to present that are not entirely in congruence with what I did appreciate of your work. First, the Chick-fil-a boycott was not about free speech. It’s been well-known for some time how Dan Cathy feels about same-sex marriage. What’s different now is that he came out with a flagrant opinion and rubbed it in the face of his customers–his *gay* customers. I really don’t like being told that I’m bringing God’s wrath on a country that I was born in, pay taxes in, live in, and strive to be a contributing, functional citizen in. But hey, that’s just me.

    But perhaps what’s more important? Is that he donates millions to anti-gay groups, who, as dramatic as it sounds, are only a few actions away from being comparable to the very governments to whom you refer in your writing. In case you have not researched some of those groups (like the Family Research Council, Exodus International, and the National Organization for Marriage), I encourage you to. These groups don’t *just* support “traditional marriage.” They support and attempt to perpetuate the dehumanization and vilification gay people, using the same ideas and beliefs used in said governments of OPEC. So while, yes, free speech is a legitimate side of the Chick-fil-A debacle? It certainly was not the driving force behind its origins. That was something trumped up because of some comments (made also under the protection of free speech, mind you) of some city council members and some media-queen mayors. (Side note, even if folks like Rahm Emanuel or Thomas Menino did have some insane amount of power to actually block a business from getting a license because of its beliefs, do you really think that would hold? Seriously.) One last thing before I move to the next concept: had Dan Cathy made his statements in reference to interracial marriage, do you think that there would be quite the uproar about free speech?

    Second, how should one go about boycotting OPEC? And would it really make a difference? I mean, it’s easier to boycott chicken, as there are other sellers of chicken and there are also alternatives to eating chicken. Heck, *I* make pretty good chicken, myself. But oil? OPEC controls a hefty amount of an energy source that, unfortunately, the world does not have many alternatives to, especially here in the U.S. I can’t ride my bike to work unfortunately. I’d likely be run over by a car (Atlanta drivers…never know), or I’d be so sweaty when I’d arrive at work that I’d require a shower…not to mention it would take me easily 40 minutes to get to work. Sorry. There just aren’t other options. I need oil-products to live my life, as do we all for the most part. What’s more is that, while I’m well aware of the violence and injustice against GLBT persons globally, these are some human rights issues that are extremely difficult to control from here. We have our own here in this country that need to be handled; land of the free and pursuants of happiness, indeed, eh? I would love it if we could fix the world’s flagrant human rights abuses, but we just can’t, at least not at once. We can, however, serve as an example to the rest of the world. Right now, I feel we set an example as some of the biggest hypocrites the world has ever seen. We tout happiness, freedom, and equality, but it would seem that our history is filled with people that are, quite frankly, more equal than others.

    Best wishes. Keep writing.


  2. Anonymous says

    Hello my family member! I wish to say that this post is awesome, well written and includes all the important info. I’d like to see more posts like this. Thank you for being the new online media and/or new media journalist telling and seeking out the truth.

  3. says

    Hello Everyone,

    The analogy between Chick-Fil-A and OPEX was a joke to show irony.

    But if people are not familiar with OPEC here is some information.

    After all, there’s a full dozen nations that compromise the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

    Of those 12, nine have criminal penalties on homosexuality that range from monetary fines, to forced labor camps, to death.

    To wit:

    Algeria – Fines, prison sentences of 6 months to 3 years.

    Angola – Labor camps for “habitual offenders.”

    Ecuador – No civil penalty in the predominantly Catholic nation.

    Iran – Death.

    Iraq – No penalty since the Anglo/American-led liberation.

    Kuwait – Fines, men under 21 face prison sentences up to 10 years, men over 21 face prison sentences up to 7 years

    Libya – Prison sentence up to 5 years.

    Nigeria – No civil penalties in the Christian south, yet in the Muslim controlled north, Sharia courts impose fines, corporal punishment and/or death.

    Qatar – Fines, prison sentence up to 5 years.

    Saudi Arabia – Any combination of fines, whipping, prison and/or death.

    United Arab Emirates – Deportation, fines, prison and/or death.

    Venezuela – No civil penalty in the predominantly Catholic nation, yet President Hugo Chávez in recent years has become more of a strategic ally and strong supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Just for your information.

    Thank you,

    James Allen

  4. Joyce says

    I am gay and I am a “Born Again Christian…raised baptist. I have no issue with someone having their opinion about gay marriage whether they believe it is right or wrong. What just angers me is when politicians…whether they be left or right use a situation like this for their political gain. I have to confess though I have never been a fan as to how the gay community/human rights activists go about handling situations like this. I just believe there are more important things we need to be focusing on in this country.

  5. kevin says

    so when you buy gas you support the September 11, 2001 jihadists attacked that destroyed the World
    Trade Center in New York? as well as supporting There is no freedom of religion
    There is no freedom of speech
    There is no freedom of thought
    There is no freedom of artistic expression
    There is no freedom of the press
    There is no equality of peoples—a non-Muslim, a Kafi r, is never
    equal to a Muslim
    There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of
    people. Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and
    different laws for women and non-Muslims.
    There are no equal rights for women
    Women can be beaten
    A non-Muslim cannot bear arms
    There is no democracy, since democracy means that a non-Muslim
    is equal to a Muslim
    Our Constitution is a man-made document of ignorance, jahiliyah,
    that must submit to Sharia
    Non-Muslims are dhimmis, third-class citizens

  6. says


    What if you do not use the Bible or other forms of redemptive revelation to show that marriage is between one man and one women?

    What is we use the nature of human beings and what is good according to the nature of a being?

    What then?

    James Allen

  7. says


    I agree with you and the OPEC boycott was a joke to show real threats that occur in countries that practice Sharia Law against homosexual and pre-martial sex.

    I pray for persecuted Christians and agree with your point that Americans and other countries pay attention more to what is going on in there own countries instead of problems in other parts of the world.

    Thank you for your comment,

    James Allen

  8. says


    Thank you for your kind words and support and I hope you will join us on Youtube and Facebook and check out our audio page and JATV.

    James Allen

  9. says


    When you look at the countries that are in the Middle East who hold to Sharia Law and control OPEC with like Iran and Saudi Arabia just to name a few as the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated we do not have the problem of Homosexuals in our country as does America because there are not any homosexuals in Iran. Why? Because women who have pre-martial sex or men or women who practice homosexuality within the countries that hold to Sharia Law are put to death. Sometimes by stoning or other means of execution.

  10. Andy says

    I could just as easily ask you why Chick-fil-a supporters are spending their time, energy, and money supporting a fast-food joint, when in several African and Middle Eastern countries Christians are being persecuted for their faith.

    The answer is that right or wrong, humans have a tendency to care about matters close to home, whether or not there are matters of potentially greater concern elsewhere in the world. It’s why we’re sending a 2.5B rover to Mars when starvation and genocide still occur on -this- planet.

    We’re selfish, it’s not exactly news. If you gripe about LGBT people pressing for their rights in the USA when their peers in Saudi Arabia are lucky if they’re not hanged, in the interest of fairness, make the same criticism of those who spent hours in the sun so they could pay for an unhealthy sandwich.

  11. says

    If you consider ONLY the bible, marriage is clearly a evolving concept. Not sure what changed between then and now, oh right 2000 years.

    • Clement says

      “If you consider ONLY the bible, marriage is clearly a evolving concept.” That doesn’t make sense…it seems if you consider ONLY the Bible (I capitalize Koran too), then marriage is pretty unwavering.

      Secondly, nothing changed at all until around the period after World War 2. Homosexuality was illegal at best, a capital crime at worst, for the vast majority of that period of “change” you described. It is the LGBT movement that is on the fringe of the world’s normative vision, not traditionals. So about 1,950 of those years you mentioned are actually irrelevant to the gays’ cause.

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