Fox News & MSNBC: News Reporting You Agree With!

The constant information flow of political views from the left and from the right are hard to interpret at times if we are thinking about the truth of what we are being told. What makes it easier is if you have your political views wrapped up in a bow where you can say yes I am a conservative, a liberal, Republican or Democrat.

We get our news from the media and from political entertainment, whether its in the form of cable news networks or talk radio or the internet. We find comfort in political opinions that we believe in and therefore believe to be true. We watch, listen, and read believing that the information we are given is true and unbiased. It is impossible to unbiased and we fail to be challenged by those we disagree with. We do not need watch dogs to check the freedom of speech on the left or the right. We as Americans together must take responsibility as rational and thinking beings to listen and to discern the truth from a lie.

We live in a age where we have access to more information to fact check the opinions of not just political commentators, but of our teachers and any information that we are taught as fact.

This video is to show that in politics we are polarized and that we care more about party than we do about having a rational discussion and understanding the differences between the two extremes that exist within the American political system.

So, the next time you read a blog or a column, listen to a talk show or a cable news show remember that fair reporting without a personal bias from the host is just not possible.

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