Fiscal Conservatives For Paul Penzone

When you want to be consistent with a fiscally conservative philosophy you may just have to vote for a Democrat. Yes, I am well aware that most conservatives are Republicans, and most vote for Republican candidates.  I’m here to say – sometimes they shouldn’t.  In this year’s race for Maricopa County Sheriff, we have a more fiscally conservative candidate running than the Republican incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio – his name is Paul Penzone and he happens to be running as a Democrat.

Want to learn more about Penzone and his views on the office of Sheriff?

Watch here:

Therefore, I have created a petition calling on all fiscal conservatives of Maricopa County to vote for Paul Penzone who more clearly represents our values as fiscal conservatives.  Now is not the time to allow party lines to define our actions – please sign the petition and share with others who believe as we do.


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