Dinesh D‘Souza Paid Hospital Bill For Obamas Half-Brother

2016-obama-s-america01Dinesh D’Souza, one the most outspoken, and well versed conservative warriors in the battle to preserve the American ideal against true Republican and Democratic progressives, has shocked me again.

Not because of his powerful Anti-Obama documentary titled 2016 (which is about the background and worldview of President Barrack Obama) or D’Souza publicly taking on the New Atheist Movement alone using philosophy and Christian apologetics. Today, I’m blown away at an article I found on Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze titled, “I HAVE NO ONE ELSE TO ASK’: DINESH D‘SOUZA SAYS HE PAID HOSPITAL BILL FOR OBAMA’S HALF-BROTHER”, and since the President’s half-brother did appear in the documentary 2016, I am more blown away by the amazing charity of this man who I have had the pleasure of knowing personally.

Dinesh D’Souza was a frequent guest when I was on the air with my syndicated radio program, and no matter the topic D’Souza was always three steps ahead of anyone who disagreed and a very kind and concerning soul. My first encounter with D’Souza was through his book, “Letters to a Young Conservative.” I must have owned 10-12 copies of this book because I would pass it out anytime someone was interested in learning more about the basics of conservatism through D’Souza’s great stories.

His book was very helpful and gave conservatism the intellectual edge over and against the well intentioned programs of the American progressive left.

Here is some more info more on the article at The Blaze.

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza said he paid the hospital bill for President Barack Obama’s half-brother after George Obama called him and said he couldn’t pay the medical costs for his ill son.

D’Souza, whose new anti-Obama film “2016” features one of the world‘s first looks at the president’s impoverished Kenyan sibling, detailed the situation that unfolded a few days ago in a piece posted Thursday on FoxNews.com.

Read more of the article by going here. I would love to hear from you and to pass on this discussion as well as reading your thoughts and feed back on this story; even if you have not yet seen the D’Souza documentary.


  1. moe mohiuddin says

    mr. walker,
    dinesh d’souza is of goan / indian background and therefore automatically intellectually ahead of your harvard, yale, usc etc grads .
    Culturally we are family orientated and we get to know family, brothers, sisters, 1/2, 1/4 , etc.
    Rich or poor , we help. you don’t have to ask.
    From what i see, your buddy the big O has an inflated ego and has abandoned his unsuccessful
    blood relatives. ( As the big P of the most powerful country in the world you must know who your relatives are) . Be prepared he will abandon you and your water boys and girls.

  2. says

    I’m wondering if Dinesh’s speculations aren’t a bit far-reaching. I believe in the concept of treating others charitably, even if they don’t believe the same thing. What leads Dinesh to this conclusion? Taken by itself, it doesn’t sound plausible to cut out a brother over ethereal ideological differences. But even if this is plausible, what about more benign explanations? Has Dinesh taken into account the following questions? Has George ever met his half-brother? Does it sound logical that one half brother should feel a brotherly obligation to someone he’s never met before just because they are related by blood? Did the President actually refuse to help George, or was he simply unaware of the medical issues George’s son was facing?

    I fear too many conservatives, let alone fair minded folk of any stripe, will see this as an ad hominem attack instead of

    • rose says

      I agree with you, Mr. Walker, this is an attack of the President of the United States. I feel that Obama half-brother didn’t know what he was getting himself into. And if any one is a friend of GLENN BECK, you know their anti-Obama and even friendS with the rich corporations like the KOCH brothers who wants President Obama out of office, from day one!
      So, if anyone sees this movie take it with the grain of alot of SALT!

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