By 2030 Two Earths Will Be Needed To Sustain Our Lifestyles

I find myself in an odd place. I want to be a steward of what I have been given and I care about the environment, but like a Post-Modernist I doubt science. As I read story after story about how the world is ending and humans are to blame for the problems at hand, I am doubtful to agree with stories like the one below. Each generation has to deal with the data collected and the data interpreted from the scientific community on global cooling, global warming, population control, and the list goes on and on.

I believe those on the far left need these stories to fulfill meaning in their lives. Each religion  needs a beginning, a reason to exist or a good reason to doubt a universal reason to exist, and an end. This is there end; the Left’s Eschatology.Within there religious view, which is based upon the lack of human dignity at certain stages of life, the actions they take whether it is found through science, philosophy, experience, medicine, or tradition are interpreted through the glasses of their world and life view.

With that said, there is some truth in everything so what can we take away from this?

What is the fact verse fiction?

What parts are propaganda and what ideas should be further explored?

I need your help in sifting through the political garbage to find common ground so individuals and communities alike can make a difference where they can and understand what is false to be better stewards of themselves and the environment.

Read the orginal story at HotAir or more from the doomsday prophets at The Huffington Post.


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