Back On The Mic!

James Allen returns to the mic and introduces his new program using new media journalism in a post-MSM age. Join us in our effort to bring attention the issues in Life, Culture, Politics, and News/ Current Events.

In the next few months there are going to be a lot of changes, so stay tuned and spread the message and enjoy the entertainment.

Thank you for your emails both negative and positive and your comments. Together we cannot only Redefine Political Talk, but we can Redefine Culture, the News, Current Events, the way we talk and our lives. No matter what keep your hope and dreams alive, so no matter how crazy your vision may seem to you and to others when it is a concept in your mind; remember our lives change in increments and so does our country.


  1. jasadmin says

    To avoid any confusion before it occurs. I wanted to state that was my sarcasm was not very clear at all about the real birth place of Republican Presidential Front Runner Mitt Romney who was born in Michigan and not Mexico. His father was born in Mexico. People are talking about investigating the truth of Mitt Romney’s birthplace, which is a desperate attempt by an article that was emailed to me today and the “rumor” of Mitt Romney possibly being born in Mexico.

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