Vice President Biden Loves North America

President Joe Biden

Got To Love North America

How many of you are from America, hate China, kinda like America, but really love North America? No one? Really? Well, Vice President Biden has this one covered.

Vice President Biden blasted China on Wednesday during a commencement address at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, spoke with more confidence about America, well actually he did say “North America” than any other Democrat in quite some time.

Joe will be Joe, so I better leave the words to him

Notwithstanding the great recession we inherited, we nonetheless start from a powerful position in the world … within a decade, North America will be the epicenter of energy in the world—not the Arabian peninsula.”“I challenge you, name me one innovative project, one innovative change, one innovative product that has come out of China.

He then became a bit nostalgic, saying “I used to give commencement speeches in the nineties and the line some of you will remember, some of you who are older, was that Japan was going to eat our lunch…We also used to be told that China, and it’s true, was graduating six to eight times as many scientists and engineers as we have.

Do You love Video & Stupid Politicians?

Oh, snap! President Biden way to stick it to the Chinaman. We know how much you love North America, but please try to piss off those who hold almost of our debt, outnumber America 10:1 and are just willing to do anything to achieve success. You never know when you might need another loan, bi-lingual super employees or any of the other things that do not come from China.