Social Issues And The Usual Political Stupidity

social issues

Please read this post as if your internal voice was at a whisper because social issues are so annoying. Right? Who cares about “the truth,” let’s win some elections! 

All Political Issues Are Social Issues.

I know the idea of “social issues“ are so divisive that it is best to just pretend that they do not exist. We believe that moral issues are just too tricky to exist in politics that it is just easier to just close our eyes and dream of Willy Wonka. We define social issues and moral issues as best handled behind closed doors because what is right for you, may not be right for me. Right? Gravity is true and when ignored can be fatal. The same is true when human dignity, liberty, fair trade, economic principles, family and human life are ignored as the Nevada GOP as shown us, by simply removing items from a platform that are hard to communicate.

All political issues are social issues because politics affect every area of our lives and social issues are political issues because they are all based on one idea of justice and equality over and against another. If we continue to pretend that the connection between social issues and politics do not exist, America as we know it will cease to exist. [Continue reading]